Tree Removal

Enhance Your Property Value. Prevent Damage or Injury

Trees provide beauty and enjoyment to our outdoor living areas while also enhancing the value of our homes and businesses. That’s why the decision to remove a tree often a difficult choice to make. East Texas Tree Service has the experience to survey your property and develop the best strategy to safely remove your trees and safeguard your property.

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While storm damage is one of the most common reasons for tree removal, there are other situations that may have you seeking out professional help. These include:

  • Trees deed or diseased and pose a threat to home or property
  • Trees growing too close to home causing foundation problems
  • Trees blocking sunlight and preventing growth from other trees, shrubs, or grass

At East Texas Tree Service, we understand that when tree removal becomes necessary, you need to count on knowledgeable and experienced professionals who can arrive on schedule, and get the job done promptly and efficiently, without damaging your property or leaving a big mess behind.

With so much on the line, you want a tree care service you can depend on. East Texas Tree Service has built a strong reputation based on years of experience and quality customer service.

Advanced rigging techniques, reliable equipment, industry-proven safety measures and experienced crews assure you that your tree project will take place efficiently and effectively, on schedule and at a competitive price. Afterward, we clean up all debris. No job is complete until you say it is. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late!