Stump Grinding

Don't Get Stumped

Stumps left over from tree removal are not only an eyesore, but can be a hazard for people and vehicle traffic. Stump grinding is a dangerous task requiring commercial grade equipment and an experienced operator. It is one of those projects that most home owners should leave to a professional. We can help. East Texas Tree Service’s experts have the equipment and the skill to complete the job successfully. Our stump grinding process leaves you with cleared ground, ready for landscaping.

Grinding Stump

Tree stumps are unwelcome remnants of tree removal, regardless of why a tree was taken down. Not only can they be a hazard, but they also attract pests and unwanted wildlife that could become a threat to your property.

That’s why East Texas Tree Service offers stump grinding, the most effective and economical way to remove the hazard and eyesore of tree stumps. Our professional team can grind stumps and the adjoining roots to inches below ground level, leaving you without the mess or hazard of tree stumps. You will be left with an area bare ground ready to landscape as you see fit.

East Texas Tree Service has the right commercial-grade equipment for the job, along with the professionally trained staff to safely complete your stump-grinding projects. We are insured and follow necessary safety precautions to give you complete piece of mind during the entire stump removal process. Let us help you get a clearer and safer area around your home or place of business.